Russell Rhone’s 1957 Chevy Nomad Build

Body: Custom floors, rear wheel tubs, various rust repairs.
Chassis: Custom, 4-link rear, Baer “Nascar style” brakes.
Drivetrain: 420ci Chevy, twin turbo injected on alcohol.
Wheels: American Racing Hopster’s

Jerry Howard’s 1929 Ford Tudor Sedan Build

Body: Heavily Modified original, extensive rust repair.
Chassis: Modified Socal 1932 Ford chassis.
Drivetrain: Chevy 350 with a turbo 350 transmission.
Wheels: Sand cast 10 spoke, & Gasser windows.

Robert Pentinmaki’s 1956 Ford Victoria Build

Body: Minor rust repair and restoration to factory styling. Chassis: Completely stock chassis.
Drivetrain: 292 Y-Block ford, rebuilt with various speed parts.
Wheels: Factory hubcap with wide white walls.

Bill Gray’s 1956 Chevrolet Pickup Build

Body: Extensive rust repair and modifications.
Chassis: 100% hand built by Rods R Us.
Drivetrain: Blown Chevy 427 with Hilborn fuel injection.
Wheels: Custom by Intro